Nashville Divorce Attorney: Planning for a Split in the New Year?


Nashville Divorce Attorneys brace themselves for a post-Christmas rush as troubled couples who stayed together for the holiday prepare to call it quits.

With the festivities of the holiday season now behind us and 2013 just around the corner, people are getting ready to make those annual New Year’s resolutions. In pursuit of new beginnings, they vow to shed those unwanted pounds, to pursue a new hobby, to make more time for their families, etc. For couples whose relationships have been on the rocks for quite some time, the new year is an especially great time to make a fresh start. While many have spent the holidays trying to work through their problems and rekindle the flame that once brought them together, others gritted their teeth the whole way through the holiday season and are now ready to throw in the towel. Those couples who still find themselves in a rut, failing to meet eye to eye or to reach a common ground in their relationship, resolve to either seek counseling or hire a Nashville divorce attorney to solve or dissolve their marriage in the new year.

If you or someone you know is “stuck” in a marriage that seems to be more and more draining as time goes on, it’s probably in your best interest to hire a Nashville divorce attorney and make 2013 the year of change for you and your family. Besides the sense of relief, new hope and the “fresh start” mentality that divorce can bring, here are a few of the more practical advantages to filing for divorce at the start of the new year:

Tax Benefits
As the year comes to a close we’re all thinking about those darn taxes. If you decide to go your separate ways before the ball drops on Times Square at midnight on December 31st, you could face important tax consequences come April as filing independently will not give you the same privileges with regards to filing status, household deductions, mileage deductions for work, and other personal income taxes. If tax brackets go up in 2013 there’s an even greater need to seek the guidance of a Nashville divorce attorney because the person who pays alimony will likely get more bang for their buck and the person on the receiving end will have to pay more taxes.

Time to Adjust
Chances are you have some time off for the holidays and New Years and if you have children they are just about a third of the way through their enviously long Christmas break. With the stresses of work and school at a minimum, the long vacation is the perfect time for you to reflect on and come to terms with the end of your marriage and though no one wants to be the bearer of bad news during this festive time, it also gives you the opportunity to take a few days to help your children understand and process the news.

More Time to Plan
Waiting until January to file for divorce not only allows you more time to prepare emotionally but it gives you a little head start in rounding up your financial information. If you’ve made up your mind and added divorce to your list of New Year’s resolutions, you can start preparing now by collecting all of your end-of-year statements–your household budget, your assets, your credit card balances, your mortgage, etc. All of your financial records are important in determining how much spousal support will be paid out and how the finances will be divided so the more information you can collect the easier it will be for you and your Nashville divorce attorney to begin negotiating and figuring out your options.

Experienced in the trial and settlement of a wide range of divorce cases, including high net worth cases involving complex financial and tax issues, the attorneys of Cheatham, Palermo & Garrett, know how to stand their ground and are always ready to tenaciously advocate for their clients while treating the situation with the perfect balance of sensitivity and practicality. So if a toast to dissolving your marriage in 2013 is on your New Year’s agenda, start preparing by contacting your local Nashville divorce attorney (615) 790-0982. Together we can make 2013 a great one!

The attorneys of Cheatham, Palermo & Garrett, are experienced in the interpretation and application of Tennessee family laws and have been committed to protecting the financial and parental rights of men and women in Franklin and throughout Middle Tennessee for more than 30 years. They bring a wealth of legal knowledge and experience to each case they handle, providing their clients with skilled representation in the areas of Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Prenuptial Agreements, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, Music/Intellectual Property, and Juvenile Court.

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