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Prenuptial Agreements

People change and as a result couples can find that they are not as compatible as they first thought, their differences causing them to drift apart. In the case of divorce or in the unfortunate death of a spouse, prenuptial agreements are very helpful as they clearly state the rights and obligations of each responsible party.

There’s a lot that goes into a marriage and there are also a lot of steps involved in finalizing a divorce. When a good marriage turns sour, issues regarding property division, asset and debt distribution as well as support obligations can make a tough situation even worse. With this in mind, it is recommended that when making the commitment to marry, couples are proactive and take the time to work out a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement ensures that if the relationship takes a different course there’s not a battle over who gets what because the parameters will already have been decided upon.

Protecting your assets is especially important when a couple is older, when there are children from previous marriages, or one party brings considerably more assets to the marriage than their soon to be spouse. Think of it like an insurance policy aimed at protecting you against possible future disaster such as an unanticipated marital split.

The experienced family law attorneys at Cheatham, Palermo & Garrett (CPG) really get to know their clients and guide them through the prenuptial process, carefully considering and crafting the agreement to make sure that it is a true, fair reflection of the couple’ s goals, and is fully understood by both parties. If you or someone you know are concerned about protecting assets in anticipation of marriage or in consideration of the possibility of a divorce or reconciliation after separation, CPG can help you avoid costly litigation.

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