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Child Support

Many people have trouble believing that child support is a common issue among divorcing parents. But the fact of the matter is, when it’s time to make a decision about which parent will pay and how much, even the simplest cases can spiral into a bitter dispute. Though child support is for the financial benefit and security of the children, seemingly cooperative parents often behave badly when it comes to money.

Determining the parameters of child support (alimony) can be complicated as the amount and duration of alimony depends on each parent’s income as well as several other factors. To ensure you don’t get short changed it’s a good idea to get the skillful representation and expertise of a family attorney.

The attorneys at Cheatham, Palermo and Garrett understand what is at stake in child support cases and are dedicated to obtaining fair and favorable resolutions. Having represented parents seeking alimony as well as parents who are to be responsible for paying alimony, they are extensively experienced in settling child support at divorce, child support collection, child support modification, and child support adjustment.

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